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Men with more than one woman are happy and active in bed.

In the current situation love matters have become a battling ground in most relationships.The venom of individualism and selfishness is the reason why most men are unhappy in the 21st century when compared with the time our forefathers existed.
Once a woman gets married she owns that man and nothing less or more expected from that man The man should be committed to her all times until death do them apart.

What boring life ?If i may ask ,will your manage to have only one friend in this planet? Is marriage not out of friendship? Once you answer those questions then you will be able to have the answer to why most men have side chicks and they are doing well . A dull man is a man with one wife . It should be known that having a side chick is not only for sex but also other external matters like sharing of ideas on how to be successful ,helping each other in terms of finance ,advising each other when one is experiencing hard times consoling and so many other facts. Most women are complaining about their men not sleeping at home,sometimes they come late and many other reasons .As a woman if you want to enjoy in this short life we are living you should not bother yourself about your man ,he is a grown up.
 1.Do not be a watchdog following your man around.
The way human beings were created is unlike other animals .We think rationally and then we judge .Sometimes we suffer from stress because over thinking without getting to rest .And this is the reason why we die young .Love is a bond and if you to strengthen that bond avoid sniffing what your man does Don't even think where he is while you are at home ,always think on how to build your home,think about the future ask him to provide the basic needs for the family ,always be submissive. Naturally men date women more than one and the reasons are ;breaking monotony and boredom ,there are some features his woman does not have eg body shape ,natural beauty .At that point he cant divorce you to have a side chick .When he married you it meant that you are his helper ,you are the best ,in fact you have everything .No need for having resent feelings after discovering the man has been cheating ,instead take your time and study yourself .Understand what you don't give and give it in plenty .Dress like you used to dress when you two met for the first date. Some men have side chicks because they need a female friend whom they can share their problems with . Not all problems a man can solve .That side chick relationship should not be terminated.As a woman you should prepare yourself psychologically that the side chick your man is seeing is a co-wife . when she comes to visit your husband treat her like your best friend ,give her a worm welcome and talk to her at length. The problem on this matters is that women are always jealousy to a point that they can poison somebody . The reason why i am advocating that is that a man cant help it out having a beautiful curvy woman as a friend .
2.As a woman protect your man and family The protection am talking about here is all about your affairs with your husband should not be questionable . If your man learns to know that you have another man then obviously be sure that family is no more
Let your man know that he is the only one who owns everything in you . The moments he makes you happy appreciate them highly ,let him know your inner beauty .Let him know that he is special and he is the king .And did you know that your man is not active because he is used to you .The feelings he has for you need rainforcement from the external department . If your man is not playing his role on the conjugal rights let him explore and after exploring you learn that he is the best after playing and missed to score the away match. Am not advocating that men should cheat ;they should be royal to their women .The maximum number of women a man should date should not go beyond three ,if they exceed three then he is a womanizer.
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