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Best companies with top value of shares to invest 2022

Stock market is volatile.Some of the shares for you to buy and invest for a very log period of time are as listed in the next paragraph however it is hard to find the best company offering world class shares with 100 turn out interms of dividends ,but there are several ways to avoid risks
e.g growing your portions of wealth and accumulating them steadily over a period of time with the best and right shares which are manageble.below is the list of big and reputable companies in the country with a good image on their sales and profits margins.They are recognized countrywide and listed in the Nairobi security market exchange Make a right decision and step forward to invest and receive enormous divideds .The shares are not homogenous but we have selected one company per sector for as you understand there are so many sectors to be watched in the market exchange
Exclusively almost all of them own solid foundation and also have the following characteristics. 

1.They are always excellent in ranking and monitoring your records in terms of the profits you make and the growth of your investments yearly. 

 2.They have a top competent grounds which carries great advantages to the investors .For exampe ;They have barriers and preventions of competing companies on encroaching on their business.Thir balance sheet are detailed and well worked on for proper understanding of the progress of your investments.

 3.Smart and controlled valuations which are reasonable concerning your earnings and book value per share from which you can be able to extract some knowledge to use in the future .Also you can be able to learn about using interactive earnings per book value.

 4.The accumlationslation of divideds is steady and rising over time in the investment period . Here are the list of the companies with favourable grounds for investment. 

This company has a reserved reputation now and in the future because it has a well defined operational market area .It is on of the top companies from telecommunication services in kenya .This company is one of the largest mobile network in the country.Its value is calculated through the mobile phone users who are active subscribers.It has an average of 38million subscribers in the country as per the survey track done on march 2017.It gives the best returns in pay ratio of 100%.The confidence you should have aas an investor in this company is that you wouldn't suffer much loss due to stock market crashes so its evident that you will receive enormous divideds annually. 2.KENYA COMMERCIAL BANK
 group plc. It is one of the best companies in kenya and East Africa at large.It has affordable banking rates and this instils confidence in both the small scale and large scale clients who need banking facilities .for 20 years now it has been operating in the following countries ,uganda,Rwanda ,Burundi ,DRC,south Sudan and Tanzania.The company has not failed paying dividends for 20 years now of operation .The dividends yields about 9.5% and paid twice a year .They also give 50% of its profits to shareholders annually.This is the man reason why it is best,you can invest in its shares without fearing about your shares and be sure that the shares will multiply and share are paid after every 6months that means twice a year. 
 It is a producer and distributer company .It distributes potland cement ,Hydrated lime and quicklime in the region.It has been paying dividends for more than seven years now .the yield of dividends from this company is about 10%.The company operates a branch of LafargeHolcim ltd which is on of the largest building material producer globally.
This company offers services in generating ,transmission ,distribution,and sale of electricity in kenya.It also has interests in renewable energy sector including wind,solar geothermal and power projects across East africa.Its is the one which sales much of its production which is around 95% to kenya power and lighting company plc. 5.Unliver Kenya plc
 It has been on the map growing its revenue since2008 qualifies it to be one of the best companies in kenya.It is a multinational consumer goods company that produces foods beverages cleaning agents and personal care products.Its market is over 100 countries with more than 170000 employees.
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