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Who is best in rap ,The Game or Eminem?

Who is best in rap ,The Game or Eminem? A few days a go The game went for an interview ,SHOWTIME for Ep.137 and he had a conversation with the host and he highligted so many topics amongst them is his relationship with Kanye West and the late super star Kobe Bryant
.In his interview he consistently said that he is the best Rapper in town and Eminem isn't his competitor even openly said that Eminem is not even recognised in the streets ,his songs are not listened anywhere in the public and even in the private rooms or in the clubs. "when have you ever heard Eminem in a club ? Have you ever heard him in the locker room ? And am not talking away from that ,i don't hear Eminem in the streets .I just don't .I am not saying he can not rap .The skillset is there.i am just the better rapper .I just haven't been given the light he 's been given." The Game said with well set confidence."When i am saying that i want a battle with Eminem or Eminem is not the greatest rapper and i am better than him ,it is not like when i see Eminem i 'mma drown this n-gga .i am supposed to think that i am better than every single rapper ,elsewhere why would i do this shit at all?" He concluded .
two months ago The game was interviewed with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN .This time round the episode was about Drinking Champions .He claimed that Kanye did alot for him less than a three weeks .On his argument he was comparing Kanye's support with Dr.Dre ,he also pointed out some highlights about Eminem .that time he was more positive and he said ,"Eminem is Eminem , i like Eminem .He is one of the fucking good MCs in town ,he is great .I used to think Eminem was better than me .he is not ,he is not .Challenge it .yes i do (want to do Verzuz against Eminem ).What you mean ,yeah i do ?The fuck you mean ? I am not saying i want smoke with Eminem ;i am saying i want smoke with Eminem him and him ,whoever." "Is Eminem better than me ?Nah ,he is not ,bro .And i think the best way to see if he is or if i am is let's rap about it .Let's get up .Let's get in studio .Let's put something out .Let's see cause that is what this shit is ,bro .It is rap." he concluded an his instagraam clip he posted.

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