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Romelo Lukaku seeking for other club options as Antonio Rudiger is said to leave chelsea for Real Madrid.

The season 2020/21 chelsea was performing very well,but all over a sudden tables started turning around towards the end of the season .It is evident that Chelsea has been performing below their expected standards due to the well known reasons.Firstly ,the team owner is Russian and we expect sanctions to be tagged on the blues.The salaries and wages are the major factor for motivation .When comes to this team do you expect wages to be high?Its the players to understand the situation and carry on.Some key players likes of Antonio Rudiger are leaving the club ,from the twits it is said that Real Madrid is so much interested in this central defender and they cant wait to see him in Madrid as from next
season.Lukaku is seeking for other club options .He said this after chelsea was screwed by desperate Everton last sunday.Once Antonio leaves for Madrid it will take a decade for chelsea to get an equivalent defender .From the comments on twitter its better Lukaku to go but Antonio Rudiger to remain at all costs.Not forgetting the sanctions ,do you think next season chelsea will be on form ?And if i may ask another question ,why do you think manchester city is not struggling to be on top .It is always hard to build and demolish within a very short period of time.Chelsea will be the team to admire all times if The current Boss decides once and for all to let it go for the biding i saw 4.6 $billion .Let him allow Todd Boehly's main competitor to become his successor.As it is said Jim has been convincing the Russian oligarch to agree upon the deal with him and outsmart the American consortinum by promising just one thing in particular.The dramatic move seems to be impossible and this probably because of the current Nice owner who has to do something if he eventually wins then there wouldn't be any difficult processes of becoming the new president of the Mighty stamford Bridge.He placed a bid late and that bid was unexpected which was received without the approval of the Raine Group knowing that he had the potential to prolong the processes more but the club's decision held excutive talks with the La -Dodgers owner Boenly showed that end times for Chelsea to be held captive by the sanctions will soon come to an end. Buy Website Traffic

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