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The top 10 producers in the kenyan music industry.

Music is generic and creativity. The talented producers make it happen when they use their creativity to tune he beats ,vocals and come up with a sweet melody which we always call a hit.This is the unseen force from the producers .We prase the artists in those songs which we love most forgetting about the core people to be tagged.This time round we are going to have alist of the top ten producers in the music industry .

 Cedo Kadenyi 

 He is a reputable producer who has worked with many famous artist
Nyashiski and Heart The Band .The singles like "mungu pekee and malaika " done by Nyashinski cemented his name on the books of history.The singles performed very well and got a high rating fromdownloads ,streamings and You tube views.The other artist that Cedo producedfohosingles is Heart The Band .This Talented Band of musicians have been on top of pages in the last 6 years now .The worship song El_shaddai perfomed very well and got a huge number of fans both in tiktok you tube and other social platforms streaming .The producer behind that work is Cedo Adeny
 Ted josiah 

 He is the reputable artist with a very good status in the kenyan music industry.He is the CEO of Zebra Records formed in 1999 which was originally called Audio vault Studios before being rebranded 2002.He is Wyre's former manager and most of Wyre's trending songs were being produced under his control.He produced a number of iconic albums "the first chapter and Kenyan ,The second chapter .Having been in the industry for so many decades he understands well kenyan sounds and he always advices them by saying "a lot of artists dont understand kenyan sounds from the past they only follow the wind ,so their musical research is based on kiss radio and TV play lists which is honestly all of five songs most of which are from Nigeria. 

Mavo on the Beat

 He is a compitent producer who is highly ranked.He owns Marvine Music studio .This iconic producer has worked with artists like vivian ,sudi boy ,Kansoul ,Gwaash,Mbogi Genje,Sailors ,Jua kali And so many others including Maddox.He is rising so fast due to understanding the music market and using his craftsmanship to come up with high rated beats in music industry.

Majix Enga. 

 This beat king is a genius in mixing sounds to come up with hot strange beats acceptepted globally.He has been working with so many upcoming arsts like Boondoks Alvado and others .HE He has also worked with the kings in the kenyan music market ,the likes of Timmy TIdat ,Otile Brown and so many others.

 Motif Di Don

 He is a producer at Blue Ink studios .The CEO of this studios is Papa Jones .He has been working side by side with Khaligraph Jones who has been mentioning his name in his songs .Heis original when comes to hip hop styles which are accepted globally Philip Makanda. This hero worked with Jaguar .He is well described as Philo .The songs that he produced for jagua and hit differently in the music industry are as follows ,kipepeo , huu mwaka and kioo.he is the direct at main switch label.The other artists that philo has worked with are Daddy owen ,Papa Dennis ,Vivian 
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