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What do we know about the momentum of X, EQT and DVN in the U.S stock exchange market?

The company is given a priority  globally because of it's value for large cap investment a few of the largest companies in the weigh values include;

 1.Apple Inc.

2.Johnson and Johnson

3. The walt Disney Co.

text-align: left;">You should be aware of the war in Europe that is the invasion of Russia to Ukraine has brought about a lot of disadvantages to some companies for example sanctions and geopolitical actions which have greatly disadvantaged a large portion of sectors in the market.The power and energy market have rocketed in the past few weeks , below is a list of the top five stocks and their values across all sectors .You can easily note the growth rate of each company and their momentums in terms of shares they are disposing to their prospective buyers .

 1.Footwear locker inc. 

 2.Ford motor co. 

 3.Bread financial Holdings Inc. 

 4.United states steel corp 

 5.eBay Inc Foot Locker Inc; 

This is an athletic foot wear.It offers its brands globally on its portfolios .The brands are Champ sports , foot action , lady foot locker,kids foot locker and so many more.It uses the internet extensively in order to reach its customers.the company operates roughly with 2900 and 3000 retail stores across the continent.

 Ford moto co. 
It is a manufacturing company making vehicles ,sedans SUVs and,trucks it has a total number of employees equalling to 182000 world world wide.the company tried to invest in the projects of coming up with electric vehicles but failed and that made the company suffer big losses of net worth 5.4 billion dollars.

 Bread financial Holdings Inc. 
on the month of April ,this company gave an announcement that it will be called Bread holdings .It was formerly known a alliance data loans and it has a total number of employees equal to 6000.Through agents it provides savings for product s,personalized payments ,private label and co. brand credit cards . The savings offers high levels of savings accounts and certificates of deposits
eBay Inc. 
This is an E-bussines which is well known as e-commerce .It connects buyers and sellers across the world .It has more than 190 markets globally .The company has around 1.5 billion active listings and about 148 million potential buyers globally .On 13th april 2022 it declared that Eddie Garcia be promoted to be chief product officer .Garcia was the head of commerce facebook app at Meta business platforms Inc where he came up with Market place. 

United state steel corp. 
This company cuts across automotive ,construction ,energy packaging industries containers who are its consumers.the company is located in the united states and central europe .Only the branch with highest sales is the one situated in the U.S $26.2 net tons annually.
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