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Follow these guidelines and make money from blogging

Do yu love writing articles? Maybe writing is your hobby and you are desperate looking for jobs with no success ? Then blogging is your luck ,though getting started is where the major problem starts from
.Some people think blogging is just  easy and simple ,as from today henceforth you need to know that blogging is the most difficult career ever in the planet and the same time the easiest when you know what you are doing .It does not need training but it needs exposure and experience .Many people get started in blogging and they give up so suddenly  because of the following reasons ; (for Designing websites contact whatspp+254727654403 or email 🤙

1.They were unable to identify the correct niche for their blogs.

2.They were impatient ,in simple terms they expected to get payment as soon as they started blogging.

3.They were using free domains offered by the websites they were using .

4.They did not write unique content which attracts clicks and readers

5.They did not commit themselves to blogging for they took it as a hobby .

6.They failed in identifying their own interests and passions .

There are so many reasons which hinder most beginners from quiting from blogging but the above are so common and we will look at them one by one.

How to start a blog .

For you to start  there are two key tools you need .

(1).Getting a domain .

(2).Hosting that domain 

The combination of the above is what we call a website

The other way round you can start your blog with a free blogging platform ,but that will cost you a fortune for it is limited from so many income generating activities like getting linked to affiliate program,can not show ads from other advertisement networks .You must follow their rules and regulations meaning your hands are tied up.before proceeding to other key areas i want to talk about free blogging platforms and creating your website.

Free blogging platform .

This platform is the best for those people who are not interested in making money using their blogs and we call them casual bloggers .

Advantage for using such a type 

It is absolutely free and very easy to set up, use and getting started .

The disadvantages are;

The blogger has no room for customizing his or her blogs .Their is no freedom of uploading videos ,images and other spicing tools for a blog to look presentable and net .This limits the blogger from getting quality reading hours ,clicks and impressions which are necessary for monetization .In short the platform has all rights on your blog and it can get deleted any time.
In this platform again ,you can not insert your registered domain .You are always forced to use their generated domain which is interlinked with suffixes attached with the platform property .No freedom of showing your own ads ;if its payment ,the platform is the one which pays you .All those disadvantages limits the coins earned by the blogger and this is he key reason why blogging becomes difficult for most individuals .

Below i have listed free blogging sites 

Blogger -It is powered by google and it offers free hosting is really simple to use ,cant be compared with other free blogging sites .The only thing you are supposed to do is to find and expert to design for you blogger website and the register a custom domain .The custom domain will give you a freedom of allowing ads to show on your website from different ads platforms you have allowed to do so .Some bloggers don not have full knowledge on this site and that is why you always come across some misleading information
.For the starters i strongly recommend blogger to best choice as per now.
once you have registered the custom domain ,link it with your website and wait for your host to connect it .For more information on designing blogger website contact "" or send me a message through whatspp +254727654403. Am sure you will love the work done by that expert ,he is the one who designed mine .You can have a look at it . -It is free blog hosting service and it is very easy to use .The only disadvantage here you have to condone the WordPress ads and branding unless you pay a monthly fee in order to be exceptional.It is limited in customization and expansion .

Medium-this is the best for journalist since it always emphasize on writing than design and quality outlooks .On this service provider platform you can not be able to run ads and this scares bloggers so much for we depend on advertisements, affiliate marketing and other income generating activities .

2.Create and manage you website.

When you create your website means that you are ready to monetize your blogs without any limitations because you take full control of customization,design and own customs URLs .You can allow any ad network to show on your website without any limits.


you have to pay for hosting fees,custom domain fee and the designer of your website.Where you have all rights with you then you can decide on the way you brand your blogs you got no risk of any of your blogs getting deleted .You are the sole controller of every step to be taken hereLoad WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms! .On designing a website contact  this number on whatspp +254727654403 and get the quality services ,if you want to see the example of the designed website have a quality look here 

How to identify your niche

This is like an ignition key ,it becomes either difficult and the same time difficult .The niche dicides on what kind of blogs you are going to write about .If you feel like you cant compete chose a niche with the least competitors which is difficult the same time.

1).Before you decide go google and read some blogs maybe they might develop an insight in your mind and then you get a quick start.

2).Use goole and benchmark what people are search after ,this will enable you get the best quality traffic to your website.

3).Identify a gap where people are unable to find answers .Go do more research on those topics and then come and start a blog ,do not write rumors,instead facts will do better .

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