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Herbal treatment for diabetics type 2 simply known as diabetics mellitus

 Plants have a greater potential energy of curing all diseases in the planet .The only difficult thing which hinders us from  using them is 

           (I).We do not recognize them .

           (II).If by chance we know them ,we do 

                 not trust them.

         (III).We are not aware of the ratio to 

                mix them for the best result .

People prefer lab made medicine forgetting herbs which are free from chemicals . and can give the best result .

Scientist have carried out research on the links between herbal therapies and improved blood glucose control ,and they have confirmed that using a proper mixed herbal dosage gives the best medicinal value in controlling the sugar levels in human body blood stream.This has been significant on both blood pressure and sugar levels .

This is the list of herbs  🌿 to be used .


     ✅ Cinnamon

    ✅Bitter lemon


    ✅Aloe Vera

    ✅ Bilberry extract .

Some of the mentioned herbs are common and otherts are not in some regions because of climatic conditions and this becomes difficult to some individuals who are ready to use herb treatments, in case the above herbs become difficult to find try the other list below 👇


     ✅Bauhinia forficata

     ✅Myrcia uniflora

      ✅Coccinia indica

      ✅Ficus Carica


      ✅Gymnema Sylvestre

      ✅Momordeca charantia

       ✅Ocinum sanctum.

       ✅Opuntia strepta canthia

      ✅Silibum morianum.

      ✅Trigonella Foenum graecum.

The other list is below if the above becomes difficult to find .


✅Vinca roses.

✅phyllanthus amarus.




✅Pterocarpus marsupaum.

✅Solanum torvum.

✅Eugenia jambolana.

The above herbal ingredients should be squeezed while raw and mixed in the ratio of 1:1 and let it be a routine to the user.

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