, pub-7771400403364887, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 "If i die Tanzanian flag wouldn't be here..."Diamond Platnumz says

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"If i die Tanzanian flag wouldn't be here..."Diamond Platnumz says

"If i die Tanzanian flag wouldn't be here..."Diamond Platnumz says as he appears in a list of top 10 artists from Africa which are globally accepted by fans.
diamond platnumz posted the top 10 artist list in his instagram page after being mentioned amongst the top 10, curently he is ranked number 4 and the majority comes from nigeria
.In short the list is dominated by the nigerians (Nigerians taking 8 positions ).Fally Ipupa took position 9 and the rest went to Nigeria. 
Burna BOy and Wizkid took the lead followed by Davido and then Ckay yo . if we ask ourselves the big question ,why do you think a big number of artists from Nigeria are taking the lead ,more especially dominating the top 10 list ? That question might appear rhethorical but if we analyze it keenly we will find the answer as that most of them have an open mind .They are ready to help interms of collaborations.Even Diamond Platnumz shinning to the world he personally went to them ,he did so many collaborations from nigeria and later on got the greenlight to the US,and that is what i call team work .Kenyan artists are selfish ,they want to shine alone and that will take decades .Team work is  success itself .
Most of the artists from the west Africa come to East Africa for approval
.Once they hit East Africa grounds then they go blessed.We always become stingy because we don't want a stiff competition .Why are we not ready to compete globally ? Nigeria as a country ,she has so many people and also very many artists .If you be given the number you might think that the whole country comprise of artists.From football to music Kenyans are corrupt ,if we open our palms like athletics the Kenyan artists will shine to the world.(we ourselves are corrupt and love money ,without it nothing can be done and that is where we lose it)

The other barriers inhibiting Kenyan musicians from glowing to the world are the language they use ,"Sheng" its like singing mother tongue (vernacular ) and you want to be influential to the world 🌎,how ? That is why sometimes i like Diamond Platnumz ;despite him struggling with English as a language ,at least he delivers what the continent at large can listen to and even the world.The second inhibitor is "production and creativity" videos should be on top of the the technology. Enhancement and the ideas should flow with the musical rhythm 

"Kiufupi ikitokea nimekufa bendera (Akiiweka bendera ya Tanzania ) haipo hapo ...! Pengine top 100 insha Alla."Diamond platnums says .

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