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The best methods/procedures to observe in order to lose weight naturally

When an individual gains weight beyond a given gauge he or she becomes obese and he is vulnarable to other diseases like diabetics .In the modern life the majority are living expose them to that situation .Here are a number of ways to lose weight naturally without any struggle of waking up early in the morning jogging round the fields and along the roads
1.Avoid refined or processed foods with sugary content.
Sugary foods are rich in carbohydrates .Our bodies need energy and for one to carry out a given task he or she must use energy .When we consume these refined foods they stay in our stomaches for a very short period of time reasons being  they have no fibre hence the individual will keep eating because the rate of feeling hungry is high and the more we eat these carbohydrates the more we end up adding more calories to our bodies .

    The other reasons why processed foods should be avoided.

      (i).They are addictive
     (ii).They are spiced in order to give you morale of eating them more and more              (ii).Most of them are floured with colours and aroma to entice .

Instead of taking in processed foods swipe them with natural food stuffs like Yams ,Sweet potatoes,Irish potatoes and many more natural types which are rich in fibre ,once you eat them your stomache gets full for a longer period of time hence reducing the eating rate per day. .

2.Eat strong breakfast which is rich in proteins.

This regulates the hormones from wanting more because of its digestion which takes a longer period of time.On top of that ,protein diet is a key nutrient to our diets for it helps in burning of calories ,it can also be used to produce energy for the body metabolism activities

3.Drink plenty of water .

Water is key for metabolism to take place in human bodies ,water also increase the rate of burning carlories in our bodies in the range of 20-30%.

4. Manage stress level .

Stress is associated with hormones,when the hormones are triggered by stress they release enzymes to the bloodstream or reduced the amountLoad WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms! .For example ,adrenaline and cortisol,when released they decrease the appetite ,but sometimes one gets a constant stress for a long period of time cortisol remains the same for a longer time in the bloodstream and this increases appetite .
Note. .
Coristol is an hormone which is used by the body to send signals to the brain when the food an individual ate has been consumed ,hence the brain sends feedback which makes him /her feel hungry.

Here are other important ways to manage stress.
(i).Self meditation .
(ii).Playing games like football ,hockey ,volleyball e.t.c
(iii)Meeting friends ,Gardening ,Playing with pets .

5.Use smaller plates

Psychologists say that what you perceive by your eyes ,the impulses are sent direct to the brain for interpretation
.using smaller plates disguises the eyes and sends the impulses to the brain and the brain relays the well structured and interpreted information that the food in that small plate is enough and this lowers the expectations of the body hence reducing the amounts of food that you will take from  amounts you have been consuming before.

6.Intermittent fasting .

This involves short periods of fasting .If you ate enough breakfast in the morning ,you can skip lunch and take late supper .An individual can decide to take alternate day fasting ,so that he or she can give the body enough time to burn carlories .The same time an individual can track the diet he or she is taking as she /he exercise regularly ,by skeeping the rop ,walking a relatively longer distance etc.

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