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How to connect your adsense account with your website

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The best paying platform for bloggers is google adsense .First and foremost for a content creator to connect his or her adsense account with his blog he has to have an adsense account .And if he or she does not have one the he or she should visit google adsense account creation .com and he will be guided on how to create one .

Take a Tour | Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Webinars, Email Marketing In this blog we are going to learn about how to connect an adsense account with your blog.

after creating an account log in to your blogger account ,and to the far end of your left side ,you can see  three horizontal dashes which are  equal ,click on them .The side bar will flip out and then scroll down ,you can see terms like ;posts ,stats ,comments ,earnings ,pages,layout ,settings and lastly reading list .Get back and click on the earning part ,and the account will open on the web ,.On reaching that point ,click connect my adsense account and it will lead you to the account you had created on google on this account you are supposed to add your domain in it so that your site can be verified  .

In the adsense account ,you will see a page like this 

click on the word "site ",and  then paste your custom domain on the gap provided .after pasting it successfully ,on the same page click on the word ads and manage how you want the ads to be displayed on your website and then give it a few weeks to be verified by google.

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