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How to make your blogger website visible on google search .

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 Buy and host a domain ,others use a free given domain .The free domain can not give you freedom to allow advertisers to advertise on your blog and this will affect your earnings .Its better you buy your own domain which will act as a custom domain . After registering a domain go to the settings of your blogger website ,click on the word settings ,from there scroll down the screen and on reaching on the other term "publishing" below it you can see the term blog address this is where you are going to fix your domain .

Take a Tour | Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Webinars, Email Marketing After configuring there am sure you can see it redirecting to the more secure part "https' on the custom domain gap ,this is where you are going to fix your registered domain .The registered domain gives you the full rights of owning the blog .Click on the term custom domain ,and you will see the gap which will allow you paste your domain there.

After fixing that domain go to the next part ,which will redirect your domain .On the domain redirect , clicking the button on the left so that you can make it active and on ,It should appear as below .

On the HTTPS availability status :Available the button should be as follows .

what to do on your meta tags 

Give a good description containing the keywords which will appear mostly in your blog :the heading should give you much more of the key words to use for example .
"http;//,have top trending stories based on facts celebrities and city gossip"

The other important part is the crawlers and indexing of your blog .Once you have posted your blog ,the robots in the internet crawls checking your blog's structure and the visibility ;but before they crawl in your blog you must allow them them through a computer structured language which is called custom robot text.

Above all ,this text is very much important because the aim of the blogger is to sell his or her work online through advertisers interacting on the blog .If the website is invisible then there is nothing a blogger is going to earn .These commands  are the ones which allow or block people from reaching your website ,and how some of the advertisers are going to reach your blog and make decision of taking up the space or not .

In simple terms custom robot text acts like a lock ,and it is supposed to take this format 


user-agent:*Allow :/search  Allow;/sitemap; .html.
user-agent;*Alow:/search alow :/sitemap:

The above is command will make your website be visible worldwide searches .The clicks will be seen in your google search console .


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