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The 8 laws of expenditure you should embrance al the time if you want to grow your financial status every day .

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Money is sensitive and it needs one to sacrifice a lot from unnecessary expenses . An individual needs even a bob for it has its role in every day's economy

.If you become a spendthrift then you are miles behind and far away from success .Unnecessary things like Alcohol , cigarettes ,and other substances taken for luxury drains a lot from an individual who is below average in terms of income ,making maters worse those individuals who are addicted it becomes worse .Money has got it's own powers and it is treasured by all types of people be either the  young or the aged .

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Investing in yourself .
Before thinking of anything ,think about yourself Do you have any skill that can be exchanged for money ? Make sure you equip yourself with alot of basic skills which can make you suitable in the job market .It is expensive to get learned but ,don't pend low to academics 

Do not asociate your money with relatives /Business and employment .
Lending money to relatives is another drawback .The relatives do not recognize your business as a legal entity which stands on its own .Once you lend them money it becomes hard asking them to return the money .Most family relationships have been broken due money lending and failing to return the money .Relative just belive that since you are related you just helped them

Be Flexible when spending 
When going for shopping buy fewer things which gives you a mind-set that you wil spend again sooner .This way of training on how to spend and the same time hold money for speculative purposes makes you to have a saving culture .That will help you develop an inbuilt habit which wil help you make best savings . ,.

Before the sun sets to the west ,take your quality time and evaluate your expenditure .Learn to know how you spend your money.this evaluations will give a good spotlight and limit yourself on expenses 

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