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Try GetResponse now and save your marketing costs up to 99%

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For a long period of time ,you have been spending a lot of  money marketing your products online with no success ,or if you have succeeded already not as per your expectations

Optimizing your marketing automation program for success | Kath Pay [Webinar] .Today learn to know that your partners are around the corner  and they   are ready to support you to widen up your market through a digital mechanism that you can handle without hiring  a large number of workers and stuff across the globe .Get-Response has got multiple ways of e-commerce feature pages  which will help you reach potential buyers of your goods and services Before going into details  I would like to brief you about Get-response e-commerce features and how they work towards achieving your dreams
  •    A multi-channel tool -This tool helps you to get connected with your customers ,and it enhances sales growth .

  • Conversion funnels for freelancers Getting your business and sales connected with other worldwide competent automation platforms 
Besides that there are other significant features which will get you through in your struggles for the marketing of your established business,and those features are as follows ;

  •  Drive sales.
  •  Precision targeting .
  • One click integration. 
  • Seamlessly sync.



 On top of that ,the Get-Response team has made it easier for your online store or business to get integrated with great partners worldwide and they include ,

  -Shopify; /ecommerce-marketing /shopify.

These features are enabled on the landing page one-click and they direct you to irrespective stores of integration .

Additional features are ;

  1. Advanced segmentation

In the get-response program ,we have a number of advantages ,of which will help you track your sales and customer purchases ,the way your websites behaves ,and the history of ordered goods by our customers .The most important part is that users of this platform can easily design their segments which suits a specific group of customers .The same time they can tailor an effective marketing strategy which includes campaigns which can lead to converting customers  hence increasing the sales .Popups 



These feature plays a significant role by getting the user's attention .Conversion rates and sales can easily be increased significantly by this feature Get-response platform has its unique way of operation in which the popups can get enough time to trigger the attention of the users .The mechanisms are ,

Website loading time being extended 

Intent to exit and web events

The website is designed in way there is no need for looking an expert to design it for you .You can do the whole thing alone as it involves drag and drop creator .

   3. Prebuilt automation 

This is a feature which has an excellent technique of welcoming new users or contacts ,and you can easily recommend products which is key to our sales since recommendations give hope to the new buyers and they can easily make up their minds ,which will end up of them being potential buyers

Conversion funnels - ultimate selling machine.The feature also enables you to recover lost sales .The prebuilt feature also use behavioral targeting which involves templetes and playbooks ,which are key for sales conversions.

     4.Product recommendations . 

This is a very powerful in-built engine which is basically has a data driven tool that can sense the tastes and preferences of customers .It also learns their potential needs which is directly fetched from the historical purchases in the website .the drag and drop mechanism is also used here whereby you can drag a product and drop it in the recommendation box into your emails with a lot of ease .

    5.Promo codes 

The website easily senses and can synchronize your promo codes from your ecommerce platforms .In get-response ,you can drag and drop them where necessary with no effort used .You can drop them in the newsletters you are ready to send ,Autoresponders or automation messages.

6.Quick  transactional emails.

In the get-response website ,you can use the email creator to send automated purchase confirmations and this can trigger  sales ,since you can remind your your potential buyer about the abandoned carts through the emails .For the users it is easy fir them to set up and use .


This is a sub-feature which is so much important on reaching out on the customers who showed interest .This channel uterizes emails ,web push notificatons ,popups and sms.This mode can reach quite a good number of individuals and can definitely boost sales.


Are you ready to get a plan ,we have a good number of plans tailored for you.

Free plan -It is the best for the new users so that they can get oriented with the unique features of the website .Get-Response allows you to use all its features for a maxim period of 30 days ,after then some features are locked until you pay for them a monthly plan .Free plan has access to web builders ,unlimited newsletters and sign-up forms with up to 500 contacts .

GetResponse PRO (Email Marketing Software, Landing Pages and Webinars, Marketing Automation)

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