, pub-7771400403364887, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 What do you think made Zuchu to miss Mama Dangote's Birthday?

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What do you think made Zuchu to miss Mama Dangote's Birthday?

  • The WCB CEO's mother had a birthday yesterday and the wasafi fans waited a head off blow on social media platforms and it did not happen as expected.Reasons being ,Diamond PLatnumz is out of the country (Tanzania) for a business trip
    .In that party Zuchu was not present ,Her uncle also was missing in that big party and here we get rumours from the talking walls that tables are turning around .
As the party was at its midst and it was time for the cake to be shared mama Dangote stood and greeted the guests who attended the wedding ,looking at the list ,there are some people who were not supposed to miss such important occassion ,Zuch was missing ,but things went  normal Mrs Sandra cut the cake as a background music played from the background .
  • Since Zuch was not there the fans attention went to Aaliyah .from the rumours which is going around it said that Aaliyah is the one who is preffered to be Dangote's wife . Mrs Aaliyah is a Radio presenter (wasafi Fm presenter).She helped Bi Sandra to cut the cake and they hugged tightly.
"Zuchu is moneyed that is why mama Dangote is quiet .She is a female version of Diamond Platnumz .Diamond is a cheat but i don't think he will cheat on Zuchu
.Mama Dangote loves Aaliyah",Maimatha said while being interviewed by Mbengo Tv. At this point we are going to ask ,how about Zuchu?
Going through Mama Dangote's Instagram ,i came across this message ,"Nashindwa kuelezea furaha yangu mwanangu .Hapo sasa umepata mwenza ,utulie mwanangu uoe", Bi sandra Diamond's mother said .
Following Zuchu and Aaliyah's stories ,they have been beefing for a long time now and Zuch as we are speaking has unfollowed Aaliyah on instagram and this is the reactions from Aaliyah,"I don not use Instagram as much you know .My business is taking up all the time .I do not remember the last time i was even there,even my posts have reduced these days niko busy i am unable to update my instagram." 
  • Aliongezea kwa kuuliza swali balagha ,"Yes ,I have seen.that issue nimeblockiwa na wifi yangu .My in-law has unfollowed me and let me ask you will it make me broke ?Even if you decide to unfollow me i won't lose sleep.I do not care."
    she added.
Going back to the birthday celebration ,Diamond Platnumz gave his mother around 1.5 million kenyan shillings .on top of that Zuchu also celebrated her by posting a beautiful ful caption on her facebook page .At this point fans might be mixed up with the direction in which Diamond Platnumz is following especially on his Marital status .It is said that Dangote's mother is the one who decides what her son should do especially on matters concerning getting married .at first we had the surest answer as Zuchu to be his wife ,and so suddenly another lady has sprung up from undergrounds and her name is Aaliyah .Who is the madam BOss here?

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