, pub-7771400403364887, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 How many bags full of insects will you eat for $500?The Game Challenges a fan

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How many bags full of insects will you eat for $500?The Game Challenges a fan

Love gives a gig
It sounds crazy eating a bag full of insects for $500 ,but a fan did .When the Game posed a challenge it was well accepted without any argument .The US rapper who has 11 studio albums so far  released a clip on Friday September 3rd 2022 to his tik tok  channel showing a stomach churning .

On this clip you will see the Game taking a selfie and on his side there is a fan whose name is Angel and both seem to be near a parking lot getting ready for the challenge and at this point the Game then gives his unusual challenge and it is well accepted for 500 dollars 

"How much would you eat some crickets for ?" the challenge is posed by the Game to his fan Angel and this is where the Game proposed that would he take the challenge for $500 of which Angel accepted after asking "How many do i have to eat ?"Some few minutes after seeing them in the bag the Game openly says that he has to eat all the insects prepared for the challenge,without hesitating Angel proceeds gulping them down .Since THe GAME is a man who keeps his word he give the $500 to the fan on spot .The story not ending there the Game spots a customer who was looking at the fish Tanks and he approaches him without wasting time he asks whether he has ever eaten a goldfish .The customer answers that he has never even by chance and the Game immediately gives another challenge to the customer ,"What if i give you 500 bucks would you eat one ?"The customer accepted and they proceeded to the parking lot where challenge was to be done .At this parking lot the customer made several trials of eating Goldfissh of which succeeded lastly .

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