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2pac shakur is a legend who is dead but alive -are you a fan of his songs ,then get to know much about him .

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The black car which was shared by 2PAC and knight during the shooting incident 

2Pac's fans always ask themselves who killed their favorite ,and why kill him .On this page we are going to talk about his life as a topic and more especially his music career.In the 1990s 2pac rose to the top of Hip hop music industry because of his outstanding rap skills employed on his work .(1971-1996)He was a black American ,a musician and an actor .He lived a thug life ,and mostly he exhibited what he was through his music .Shakur was born in Harien ,and attended Baltimore School for arts .On his music career he has a record of 11 platinum albums .2pac was short while driving and left a legacy which will never be forgotten . Following closely the performance of Shakur's songs ,the year 2017 the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recognized and listed Tupac as the 44th most top selling artist of all time by album and streamings interms of figures .

 Tupac's 1st  album comprised of a song which is taken as a motivation of real life .The song didn't perform so well but it sold only 500,000 copies that time .It was his first song that he did solely and ranked him atleast somewhere on the minds of the top fans .The album title was 2pacalypse -which had this song as element -"Brenda's Got Baby"  which is specific to a mother's story falling to destruction .-soulja's story talking about the controversy of a police officer blasting and dropping the cop.

The second Album 

Strictly 4 My niggaz 
He dropped this album in the 1993.The album followed suit the first one's performance .when it dropped it stirred the audience and created a social conscious .Touch on his single which gave him gold "keep ya Heads up " shakur emphasized 'my sisters on the welfare" giving morale to them by --"please dont cry ,dry your eyes ,never let up'.2pac's step brother -Mopreme joined 2pac and he become a member of his band "Thug life which was started by 2pac volume 1 1994.

In 1995 Tupac got himself in Jail and at this time his third solo album was released march 14th 1995 .The title of his album was -me against the world .This album reached number one and placed on the billboard 200 chart .On the same album he got a song by the name -dear mama -which was made to console his mother Afeni that  hit number 9 on the Billboard hot 100 in april 1995.

The third album by the name "All eyes on me " dropped February 1996 which prophesied his death .This album feature new characters of his new hip hop group Outlawz .It is termed as unapologetic celebration of thug lifestlye which constituted socially conscious lyrics in favor of gangster and menace ..On this album we get an element by the name Dr.Dre. he pioneered the Gangster funk and produced the first single song release "California -Love .This song emerged on top and appeared on the billboard of Hot 100and it remains to be 2pac's best song up to date .On the same album we get another single "How do you want it " which also reached on top of the billboard after 2 moths of its release ,besides that All eyes on me had certified 5 times double platnum and eventually became a diamond certified album. 

Tupac died in Las Vegas on september 13th 1996.He was shot and his murder case has never been solved .
It is stated that on September 7 1996 tupac was in Las vegas with his friend Knight who survived the tragedy .They went there to watch Mike Tyson fight at the GYM Grand Hotel and this is where the attack begun .


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