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In between love and alcohol what should one love ?

Love gives a gig
The two subjects are harmful and dangerous to our health as human beings .Love is abstract and alcohol is substantial .Since love is invisible how will one control himself over a heartbreak ?How will one take issues when his favorite person gives up on him ?Some take wrong decisions of ending their lives and some decide to be drunkards .

Up to to this point I guess you have seen how the two are connected ,but how will the individual come out of such habit ?It is not easy ,being drunk means stopping your mind from reasoning for a while then after a given period of time is over you come to your senses again .This means that being drunk doesn't solve your problems instead you are adding more .

The precautions to take 

1.Avoid depending on someone so much .Have your freedom ,I mean space yourself 
2.Be psychologically prepared always .Be ready for anything . Have you ever asked yourself this question ,what if your sweetheart die cause death is innavigable will you also kill yourself ?No still there is life after separation .

3.Have many friends who you can console when heartbroken .That moment you open your mouth and start narrating the whole story about what happen trust me the venom in you will evade .

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4.Don't hold your tears ,cry shade tears don't say that crying I for the weak ,just help your mental state by elimination the fear and anxiety through crying .Crying facilitates the processes of the new beginning .

Last but not least ,in the world we are presently ,you can not own somebody so there I no need of stocking your partner everywhere .Your partner understands the reason why you are dating ,or married so no need stressing yourself .If he truely decided to get a person like you he or she should not tame you for granted .The way ,that old proverb say That beautiful ones are not yet born ,be aware that the world has got beautiful and handsome young people .Especially women are so many interms of population compared yo men ,they are the most vulnerable gender and more daring especially interms of snatching other women's men -and this is where relationships turn to be toxic ,as an individual am still thinking in either  joining  seminary or getting married.

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