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How can gestalt psychology help a teacher choose a teaching strategy /method

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Gestalt theory is also important in that the idea of the whole being different than its parts has influenced our understanding of the brain and social behavior. Gestalt theory still impacts how we understand vision and the ways that context, visual illusions, and information processing impact our perception.


If proximity is due to position, then the Gestalt principle of similarity is how we piece information together by how similar objects are. For example, if there were five dogs of all different breeds and five cats of different breeds, then we would group them as cats and dogs this also applies to teaching mathematics ,a teacher should be showing different methods because different students have different thinking and reasoning .The different methods will help learners to decide on which is best for themselves .
Law of Pragnanz states that when things are grasped as wholes, the minimal amount of energy is exerted in thinking. In short, make your lesson holistic, complete and most of all simple.
The principle of proximity states that things that are close together appear to be more related than things that are spaced farther apart. Proximity is so powerful that it overrides similarity of color, shape, and other factors that might differentiate a group of objects so in mathematics a teacher should use formulae which are related so that a student can remember easily ,and the same time the content he or she is teaching should be systematic and the appearance should have a continuity and wholesome .

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