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Planning to teach mathematics

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Planning to teach mathematics
In order to effectively prepare to teachone will require prior to teaching to
Have an objective
Select appropriate strategy/method of teaching
Select appropriate instructional material (teaching aid) to ensure effective communication in class.
Have  i) scheme of work-gives long term plan
          ii) lesson plan-gives short term plan
This section will only deal with part (d) since parts (a), (b) and(c) have already been covered.

Long - term plan 
Planning is very important for it enables the teacher to progress from one activity to the next based on their judgment of whether a sufficient number of learners have the desired depth of understanding of the material. The syllabus describes an outline of content which students of different classes have to be taught in a given year. It is the responsibility of the mathematics  teacher to translate the content specified in the syllabus into work to be covered first of all on termly basis. After this the content is broken down into suitable components teachable over duration of one week and then proceed to further breakdown until the content is suitable for teaching in a one period. This should be done at the beginning of the term. Most important in planning is the teachers perception and ability to make sound judgment on what can be realistically covered in the class without either being too slow or lagging behind in the work programme or being too fast and thus sacrificing our students learning. The lomg term plan is the scheme of work.
Scheme of work
A scheme of work is a detailed work plan made in advance for teaching/learning of the subject content for a given period of time. It forecasts the parts of the syllabus which will be covered in each lesson and how they will be presented.
Reasons for scheming in mathematics
To make logical ordering of the coverage of the topics/subtopics.
To allocate learning time for each item of the content and assessment. 
To state the depth and scope of treatment of each topic.
To specify the skills and concepts to be learned
To outline teaching/learning activities
To specify the teaching/learning resources.
The format of the scheme is in two parts, namely the administrative section which is very important for it describes the location of the activity which includes the school, class, year etc and the main frame of activity.
Although schemes give a good estimate of expected pace of coverage, flexibility is important and whenever necessary, change may occur which should be reflected in the remarks column. Comments or remarks like problems experienced by students or interruption of lesson by a school activity or other activities like half-term, sports-day etc which may interfere with the lessons
(see scheme of work format handout )
Why is it important to specify teaching and learning resources in the scheme of work?
Lesson plan for mathematics

This is usually referred to as short term plan for mathematics. In lesson plan every detail of classroom activities should be planned. Effective teaching and meaningful learning requires lesson planning. All successful and professional teachers require to plan their lesson. Lesson plan outlines the flow of the lesson specifying the methods and activities to be carried out in order to achieve the objectives.
So if our lesson plan is poor our failure will be immediately visible. Otherwise a well planned lesson wii determine the success and effectiveness of any lesson. A lesson plan is a professional tool for reflective teaching.
  (see lesson plan format handout )
Record of work
This is filled after every lesson. The remarks column is given as per the objective, i.e whether the students were able to solve or calculate …………. Etc
(see record of work hanout)

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