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So, What Makes a Good Teacher? MATHEMATICS TEACHER

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Math is a very challenging subject for both the students and teachers. Neither it is easy to learn nor easy to teach. But we know that it is one of those subjects which we all need at later stages of our lives.A math teacher is someone who inspires their students to look beyond the pages of the textbook to become problem solvers and critical thinkers. Every day your boundless passion and dedication impacts each and every one of your students. So as a teacher
Inspire love for mathematics. Teaching math is a meaningful career that can make a big difference in students’ academic and professional lives. In this role, you can inspire a love of numbers in the next generation of mathematicians, engineers, and scientists.

Be passionate about the subject (mathematics)
Emphasize the role played by mathematics in day to day life 
How to Succeed as a Mathematics Teacher
Math teachers must continue to learn, reflect, and improve their practice. Below are some skills and tactics they can employ to create better outcomes for their students.
An important quality in a good math teacher is the ability to help students form connections with the subject. Teachers must make sure students understand the concepts rather than just memorizing the equations. Instead of teaching math in a series of isolated units, instruction is more effective when it builds on skills previously learned.
Real-World Impact
Good math teachers show their students why the material they’re learning matters and how it can be useful in actual situations. Effective math teachers seize opportunities to get students out of the classroom to connect their learning to the real world in real-time. Engage your students
Classroom Management
Teachers must be able to focus the class’s energy on learning by limiting behavioral problems. A valuable quality in a good math teacher is proactive management. Setting up the physical classroom in a way that flows naturally and allows students to access materials and work together can help limit disruptions. Another key to classroom management is maintaining student engagement. Teachers should strive to plan exciting lessons with enough variation to keep students interested and less likely to act out.
Dedication and Flexibility 
Great teachers are invested in their students’ success and go the extra mile to ensure each one understands the material. They may adjust their teaching strategies to reflect the learning styles of individual students or the class as a whole. Great teachers anticipate problems and plan accordingly.

So, What Makes a Good Teacher?
Good Teachers Are Strong Communicators.
When it comes to effective teaching, strong communication skills are a must, said Dr. Daniel Tanguay, senior associate dean of faculty and education programs. 
Tanguay got his start as a high school math teacher and said that many students came to his class feeling afraid of math, discouraged by their prior experiences and too overwhelmed to approach the subject positively. 

By communicating with students at the beginning of the year about how math applies to their favorite hobbies, sports and future careers, Tanguay said his students were able to approach the subject in a more enjoyable way that better supported their learning.
“I’m a firm believer in communication in all forms,” he said. “As a leader, communication is a tool for overcoming fear.”
This calls for teachers to be careful also in the language they use for their students in class e.g abusive language or language that belittles the student will discourage them in learning of mathematics.
2. Good Teachers Listen Well.

Great communication doesn't stop when the teacher is done talking. Listening well is one of the most important skills needed to be a teacher. 
“Teachers that are skilled in listening and observing often pick up on what isn’t being said, such as any anxieties a student may have, and can then help the student build their skills and confidence levels," said student Kristine Ducote.
Student Latricia Maddox, who is studying for a bachelor's in business, said that effective listening skills also help a teacher better understand their students and tailor lessons to reach them how they learn best. 
“If an educator can truly hear a student, they can learn how to reach them where they are,” she said. “This will open the door for them to receive and learn the lesson that is being taught.”
3. Good Teachers Focus on Collaboration.

Working in education means you’re never truly working alone. From paraprofessionals and teaching assistants to other classroom teachers and school leaders, working as a teacher often means working effectively in a group. It's also important to keep an open mind and learn from other educators. You need to be the person who is going to come up with creative ideas. You need to have that flexibility.
4. Good Teachers Are Adaptable.
Effective teachers need to be able to work in a constantly evolving environment and adjust their teaching methods based on the age of their students, the resources available and changing curriculum, practices and requirements.
Change is a constant. Learning how to adapt and adjust, is one of the skills that’s  most helpful. It’s about keeping my finger on the pulse of who my students are over time and all the trends, standards and new research, and being able to continually improve.”
Adaptability is also one of the key skills needed to be a teacher who may be educating students of varying grade levels or different learning styles, Tanguay said. 
“You have to be able to adapt based upon your audience,” he said. 
5. Good Teachers Are Engaging.
Being able to engage students with humor, creative lessons and a strong classroom presence is an important part of what makes someone a good teacher, Tanguay said. 
“If you were to envision that teacher that you would want in your life, even now, you’re going to want someone who is very engaging in front of the classroom,” he said. “A good teacher will perform for their students to keep them going... It’s not about sitting back and just lecturing, it’s about engaging in the work.”
What an engaging teacher looks like will vary depending on grade level and subject matter, Tanguay said. 
In kindergarten, an engaging teacher might be one who gets down on the floor to do activities with their students on their level. In high school, an engaging teacher may be one who thinks outside the box, adds humor to their lessons and finds creative ways to bring learning into the real world.
In other words strive to capture students attention.
6. Good Teachers Show Empathy. .
Another key to engaging students and improving their learning is to treat each student as an individual, by being empathetic and understanding to what may be going on in their lives. 
We need to take a moment to think back and think about what could be going on in this student’s life. It’s so important to be observant, attentive, empathetic and always have a positive attitude.” 
Rhonda Garrison, a student in SNHU's psychology program, said empathy and understanding from a teacher can not only help that teacher make a connection with a student, it can directly impact a student's learning in the classroom. 
“Something that may be easy for one student may not be so easy for someone else,” she said. “Everyone learns differently, whether it be faster or slower than normal, learns better by writing, reading or hands-on. Teachers need to always keep this in mind and always pay close attention to ensure each student is on the track they need to be.

7. Good Teachers Have Patience.
No matter what grade level you're teaching, your patience will be tested while working as an educator.  
Whether you’re managing classroom behavior(with chicky, slow learners etc students), working with colleagues with different views, or communicating student issues or progress with parents, patience is one of the most important skills to practice as a teacher. 
8. The maths teacher has to be really really good at maths.
“Someone who struggles with maths will really understand when the kids don’t get it..”
Yeah, yeah.
But the kid won’t get it no matter how much the teacher emphasizes if the teacher doesn’t know the maths in the first place.
To teach maths at any class, the teacher needs to be completely and utterly fluent and to have utterly mastered everything that is at least 3 “grades” above the level they teach.
Or else the teacher can, essentially, teach the wrong stuff hence make students loose confidence in the teacher.

Math is about Making Sense
If you don’t have a good ability to make sense of things, you won’t survive as a math teacher, nor will you be successful. In other words, when teaching a concept, you shouldn’t just be teaching the material; you should ask your students to think about how the material relates to their lives, and help them understand how the material makes sense. If you don’t do this, your students won’t relate to what you’re teaching and will often struggle with it.
Good Math Teacher Adopts Different Teaching Techniques
Successful math teachers know that getting students to learn math requires that the teacher be a good teacher, not just an excellent mathematician. This means that math teachers need to have strong techniques (i.e., being able to model and explain effectively) and a thorough understanding of their subject matter. The ability to model and explain will help students learn the material, retain it, understand it, and apply it. The technique is crucial.
Math is about a Growth Mindset
Students often struggle with math because they believe they’re bad at math (i.e., a fixed mindset). As such, you’ll need to do what you can to help them overcome this belief and develop a growth mindset (i.e., that they can improve in math). This involves helping your students get past their self-doubt, understand their mistakes, and learn from them, which will help them develop the motivation to improve themselves in the subject matter.
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Good Math Teacher is completely Involved in the Subject
Successful math teachers aren’t just brilliant at teaching math; they’re also passionate about the subject matter. Successful math teachers are passionate about spreading the word about the important role it plays in our lives, being able to make sense of the world around us.

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