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I was on a bus to Bahia today, when an old man was narrating a story . You know, as a writer, one is sure to have a good listening ear. The old man will be at the average age of sixty-seven to seventy .
The old man began with a story about his village, which was in Enugu state.

 Old Man : 
 "There was this young man named Obinna who happened to travel abroad. He was so intelligent that the catholic Father, in my village, decided to take Obinna with him back to England. But as a result of his involved in an illegal activity, he was deported.

 Obinna was a kind of man who was good with sweet words, plus he was handsome. 
There's this girl, she was beautiful with a curvy shape. She was in the eyes of every man in that village, but the problem, she had been rudeness. She had no respect for anyone, even her father.

 Many men run away from her because of her attitude. Except Obinna who was intrigued by her attitude. Which he finds as her uniqueness from other girls, he had met. 
  This girl in particular, her name was Nkechi.
 Obinna decided to ask about her, but his friends warned him to stay away from her. Because what he is putting his head into ; is a mission impossible.

 On a particular day, which happened to be market day. Obinna was on his way to the market when he saw Nkechi coming back from the market. Obinna being a sharp young man, decided to use the opportunity available to talk to her. At first, he hardly gets her attention but as time passed, Nkechi began to have feeling for Obinna . To an extent, they were seen holding hands in the open day…"

Everything was going smoothly until the driver stopped the bus and the old man told us that he had arrived at his destination. 
chai 😂 
Come and see passengers frowning on their faces .....

 Still Your Storyteller 

© The Invisible Writer ♥️

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