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3 Things You Should Never Buy Women (Be Careful).

Love gives a gig 

  3 Things You Should Never Buy Women (Be Careful).

Hello everyone, we learned something new from our girls again. We hadn't talked about gifts in a long time, I don't even remember when.

Anyway, here's another article for you. Today we are talking about gifts that a woman can give to show her love for you. One caveat, if you haven't received a gift from your girlfriend yet, make an effort.

By the way, there are some things you shouldn't accept as gifts, no matter how much they love you. Do not let him bring you the following products as gifts.

1. Wedding ceremony.

The ring has been the meaning of marriage since the beginning of the Roman Empire. "Will you marry me?" things like. Well, this is an activity always reserved for men.

When I see women buying wedding rings as gifts for men, I don't get it. For example, who is begging here, you or him?

This way of thinking will only weaken you as a man, so if you want to maintain your male strength in the relationship, don't accept the gift of a female mother.

2. Bracelet

The bracelet goes well with the color of the outfit. It makes you look and be smart. But it is not appropriate for a woman to receive your bracelets as a gift.

He had a heart of his own whenever he saw her and wanted her back when there was a difficult situation between the two of them. Therefore, do not accept this gift to avoid embarrassment.

3. Wallet.

Wallets play an important role in keeping information such as ID cards safe. But giving a wallet as a gift to a woman is not appropriate.

This will make him feel bigger than you and then he will start buying it because he is going to buy you a present. Therefore, no matter how much he likes it, he will not accept the wallet as a gift.

It makes you weak as a man and you may not be the strength of the man in this relationship. Do not throw him a real gift from the wallet.

This is a warning you think is ok but it isn't. So don't lie about your love life and start getting serious. Follow me to learn more. Like, share and comment below.


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