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Celebrities Who Survived Andrew Kibe's Criticism Kibe has made it a norm to roast celebrities

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 Kibe has made it a norm to roast celebrities
The US-based creator has a youtube channel where he gives his own opinion about people


Andrew Kibe is an outspoken Kenyan media personality, online content creator, and self-proclaimed "boychild" advocate, who is popularly known for criticizing people on his Youtube channel.

It is really rare for Kibe to applaud and show approval.

Below are just some people who Mr. Lambistic has praised;

1. Churchill

In one of his videos, Kibe referred to Churchill as a legendary man saying that he may not be the best comedian in Kenya but his style has made him the best and irreplaceable and that's why he is at the top.

"Look at somebody like Churchill, we don't even know what he studied but Churchill every time he has a show imechrome, he is not even the best comedian but he is the best at what he does and nobody has ever replaced him, nobody can replace him. Churchill puts on a comedy in Kenya. Churchill can invite people from abroad. Andrew applauded and admired singer Nikita Kering as he explained how beautiful and charming she was. What is her beautiful body that she has?

"Nikita, I want to save you. Najua huwezi spit visa i kukuja USA. Ukuje, nikumarri, upate wato kama tano, sita, nikuwekea nyumba place utakuwa unarize wato vakifika three unaniletea. This goodness will be consumed by those who are not serious, and the pain you feel is not good.

Nikita Kering.
Image: Instagram

3. Khaligraf Jones

The content creator called Khaligraf the most famous rapper in Africa and encouraged him to work with international artists. It doesn't disappoint the fans.

Khaligraph Jones
Image: Instagram

4. Kisii Women

Andrew Kibe praised the Kisii women's ability to obey their husbands, their perfect beauty and amazing legs, adding:

"Wakisii wako juu, tuseme tu ukweli".

Kibe, however, says she is beyond most men's abilities and looks far too expensive, adding that men who see him will be on top of their game.

Andrei played the video several times, admiring the beauty of the model.

From the life of Bernice
Image: Instagram

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