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Developing story:Ladys last message to her mother before she mysteriously went missing in switzerland

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The family has been struggling for a year after a relative, 39-year-old Marion Wangechi Mwangi, went missing in Switzerland.

In a candid interview with digital journalist Lynn Ngugi, Marion's mother and sister said that Marion went to Switzerland in 2007. She was brought to the country by her boyfriend, who wanted to marry her and start a family.

Unfortunately, her husband passed away two years later. After a while she met another man with a child.

There is something bad about them. They broke up shortly after Marion gave birth to a daughter. Marion found herself in a shelter where foreigners with children had to be looked after by the government.

A custody battle ensued, and after a while the court ordered that Marion's daughter be taken to a children's home. She was forced to choose by her father, who worked there in the government. Marion unsuccessfully tried to approach her daughter.

Depression went to the airport, where he stayed for a year, after which he mysteriously disappeared. When her parents ask her if she wants to go back to Kenya, she rejects the idea, saying she can't leave her daughter abroad.

The day before the phone was turned off, she told her mother that she was being harassed by the police and afraid that she would be fucked. He was arrested three times at the airport, but promised not to return to the government residence.

The family now wants to know what happened to Marion. They went to the embassy but got no help.

They tried to look for her daughter, but she told the police to go and find her. He never contacted them again.

The family is now asking all Kenyans in Switzerland who have seen Marion to contact them so they can find a way to bring her back to the country.

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