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Get to Know the Dirty Tricks cultist Makenzie used in order to escape the long arm of government almost a decade now

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 Paul MacKenzie is making headlines every month after his "See Jesus" sermon has resulted in 73 deaths so far. Priests took the liturgy to purify innocent Christians, were busy seeking the kingdom of God, and unknowingly fell into Mackenzie's place of death.

Paul Nthenge MacKenzie Kitivo is the founder of the Great Church, which started in early 2000 in Malindi, Migingo. MacKenzie was born and raised in the town of Luga Lunga. He received his primary education at Lunga Lunga Primary School. What didtell his followers?

MacKenzie's followers believe that anyone who fasts for 40 days or until death will have a chance to see Jesus. Most of his followers take this seriously because they are in a race to see who dies first. The worst part of this terrible story is that even if the believers survive, they do not want to eat or drink anything, even if their health is not good.

In addition, Pastor MacKenzie informed his congregation that his children did not go to school because they believed the education was bad. Children only learn the Word of God, they only learn the Bible, nothing else. Some experts even burn their documents to prove the so-called "heavenly treasure".

Another thing is when people are told to sell everything they have to go to Pastor MacKenzie's 800-acre farm where the Good News International Church is located. In this case, women in particular ran away from their husbands and moved with their children to the home of Pastor Mackenzie in Shaka Hora, Kilifi, Magarini County.

How did MacKenzie escape the long arm of government?

Mackenzie escaped from prison despite many charges. He was released on cash bail of 10,000 KShs/- earlier this year. Before that, MacKenzie got away with 500,000/- cash in 2018. The court found it difficult to deal with MacKenzie as no one wanted to be a witness. However, the village headman and the headman do not want to get involved in this. The court dismissed the case as there were no witnesses.

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