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"I rather smash Omanga than Akothee" ,Akothee reacted after seeing Andrew Kibe's post

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Akothee reacts after Andrew Kibe says he wants to crush Omanga again
LR: Millicent Omanga, Andrew Kibe and Akothee. Photo/Courtesy
Andrew Kibe objected to comparing Akothee and Inside CAS Millicent Omanga's bedroom tips.

The controversial blogger said that when comparing the two's struggles when they were hit, he would rather sleep with Omanga than Akothee.

"But if you give Omanga and Akothee, who will you choose? You know Akothee as if you were paralyzed. Akothee is like the person to support you. You know, the one who said to you, 'Hey, kill him, kill him'. It's dirty, let's call the police'. You know I don't want that happiness. I want someone else (Omanga) on the other side. 'My god. You kill him. Oh my God,” said Andrew Kibe.

Akothee reacts to Andrew Kibe's video where he angrily criticizes the blogger for disrespecting women.

“He is no longer happy that he is disrespecting women. Andrew Kibe Be careful not to let the power of competition put you in jail. You don't obey the law, just stand and rant,” wrote Andrew Kibe

“We all know that Akothee has a very low libido and cannot sleep with a woman. you are offended and bitter and poisonous and you can produce any kind of content. But I won't let you escape from here! We look forward to seeing you again. 🤣🤣 You are a loser in life, you see your life in the success of others. You attract the youth with your poison. Those who follow Gilead must be poisonous people.

"Andrew kibe, aren't you going to kill families and traumatize children by sending DNA to parents online kwani wewe babako tunamjua?" WE. When a man your age is busy working 8 to 5 and you're busy with police life, you're not doing well in Kenya.

"If you're doing well in America, can you write a week of your life without touching the characters? Can you post for us bills that you take care of huko US. We shall bring you back to Kenya to answer all the questions you are raising. You must be accountable for your deeds nugu .

“You want to smeer everyone with your toxicity in the name of content. You are not a content creator you are bitter.

"Now I see you killed Sarah Kabu for trying to get pregnant at 40, kwani wewe uko na uterus? #kibelibidohafifu," Akothee wrote.

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