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Kilifi Cult Mystery of air hostess who quit her 11 year job experience to join Makenzie ministry

Love gives a gig Kilifi 

Sect: Flight attendant leaves 11-year mystery; Selling land to attend Paul Mackenzie's church
A flight attendant reported that her 11-year-old business traveled to Kilifi Shaka Hora in Malindi, Liffey County to attend the pastor's church. Paul Mackenzie.

According to newspaper reports, the woman was reported to a remote village with her brother and sister to go to their mother, who had long believed in the Church of God. She took a matatu from Nairobi to Malindi and then to Shakahola.

“Without a word, they left our home in Nairobi and went to Sakahora village to look for Father Mackenzie,” the troubled man said, adding that their mother lived on Mackenzie land.k

They also asked the woman to sell her land for Sh7 million and give the money as tithes and offerings to Pastor Mackenzie.
In another similar incident, an elderly man named Abbas, who witnessed the exhumation of the body in Shakahola Forest, disclosed that his wife was tortured by Reverend Paul Mackenzie.

Abbas said, "My wife left the military after her sister < K class="sw">left, and they left too."

He believed that his wife was one of those believers who fasted to death to meet Jesus, as promised by the missionaries.

Abbas has been camping in Shaka Hora for the past week in hopes of finding his loved ones.

He said, "I've seen terrible things since I've been here, but I hope my family is still alive."

Shakahola resident Mr. Jackson Masha said that Father Mackenzie appeared in the village as a saint and began helping people before his disciples began fasting, which led to death.

Martha said, "After camping here, she started distributing food to the residents and that's how she gained the trust of the locals. We think she's a good person and all the receptionist."

"We trusted him, but the real issue came when he made the decisions. That's when he started taking advantage of the locals," Jackson added.

He said that religion has existed for a long time, but that people were afraid to teach it "so as not to anger God."ki

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