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Missing body parts of dead bodies at shakahola investigation reveals days after Makenzie's arrest

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  Three people were reportedly starved by various groups, and two were arrested and killed for supporting a hunger strike organized by a prominent pastor, Paul MacKenzie, and followers of the Great Church worldwide.

As the death toll continued, the nearby morgues became overcrowded and could no longer accept the dead.

For example, the Malindi District Hospital morgue can hold 12 bodies, while the Kilifi District morgue can hold 48 bodies.

The Kenyan Red Cross plans to set up a mobile warehouse that can hold around 300 bodies, fearing that hundreds may be dead.

Meanwhile, the researchers wanted to stop the excavation so they could start a verdict, but rights groups now oppose the idea.

Human rights NGOs are looking for new ideas for properly caring for the remains to gather the evidence needed to solve the murder mystery. "The 17 bodies have been exhumed but they have to stay here until the night to transport them to the morgue in Malindi, which we think will be difficult," said Victor Kaudo, director of the Human Rights Center at


But when asked about it, Hussein Khaled, director of HAKI Africa, said, "The question we have to ask is, because it's a state effort and there are forces, why not two teams?" Team

The other team will continue to examine the leader bones while they autopsy.

A total of 34 bodies were found, 3 of which were alive; In addition, the police arrested two suspects who wanted to encourage others to starve for information.

Complaints arose when police failed to find the bodies of two children believed to have been buried in a shallow grave outside the property of the former GSU leader, who claimed that his children had died of starvation.

Governor Ivy Wasike told investigators so they could complete the exhumation and autopsy, and Rev. MacKenzie, who appeared in court on Tuesday. Therefore, Pastor MacKenzie will be detained by the police. Pastor MacKenzie appeared in court on Tuesday.

But sometimes, reports of a body or two had  missing parts which fueled speculation that there was organ harvesting  Further forensic examination of the deceased continues to determine the exact cause of death.

Some of the bodies clearly show that they had been hit with various objects before being buried. The ongoing autopsy has brought up many questions about this.


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