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Moha Jicho pevu attacks the journalist for sleeping instead of working -THEY could have exposed Mackenzie's case earlier

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Nyali MP Mohammed Ali meeting at a hotel in Nairobi, April 17, 2023.
Former journalist Mohammed Ali alias Moha Jicho Pevu argued on Thursday, April 27, that Shakahola's murder featured prominently in the country's media industry.

MP Nyali, who quit journalism to become a politician, added that it is good that the Shakahola sect is covered in the media, but that journalists can expose corruption first.

He said professional investigative journalism could be delayed, helping the country avoid similar situations. "Our journalism has been successful, but now it seems like journalists and media owners are more concerned with making money than doing what's really possible,"

Nyali MP Muhammad Ali in front of a hotel in Nairobi on April 7, 2023.
Moha added that some journalists were not selected based on qualifications.

"The press is full of audience, and at this rate, journalism will not be confused with comedy."

Moha this time asked journalists to diversify their work with special investigations.

He said that investigative journalism requires the best support from employers in terms of courage and commitment, equipment, time, freedom and money from journalists.

"I got encouragement from my father who always encouraged me to follow my dreams and fight for what I believe in, and I'm good at it on social media," she said.

Meanwhile, it urged journalists to abide by the code of conduct and standards set by the Kenya Media Council.

Moha left the media to allow them to explore and showcase their skills in investigative journalism, a field that other journalists have done for years.

"I got into politics so that more journalists could get into investigative journalism and do better," he explained.

The CEO of the music rights company, Ezekiel Mutua, said in an interview with Spice FM a few days ago that the journalists were also unsuccessful in their follow-up and investigation.

Muhammad Ali Photograph October 2010.
Mutua said in an interview, "We don't have journalists like Moha Jicho Pevu in the jungle who can spend time exposing cases like the Shakahola sect."

The CEO of Music Rights also called on media owners to have adequate funds and help journalists.

Pastor Neno Evangelism was added to Ng'ang to continue his investigation work while serving as a member of parliament, Moha.

Pastor told Ng'ang in the video, "As a journalist and MP, Jicho Pevu is investigating every church, including me, to find out what's going on there."

Mohamed Ali left KTN in 2017 to run for the Nyali parliamentary seat and won as an independent candidate. He held his seat in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in 2017.

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