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Shakahola Grave digger laments,"I am unable to sleep at night ..." Find out why?

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Just one day after Professor Kithure Kindiki, secretary of the Ministry of Interior and State Affairs, suspended the exhumation of the body from Shakahola's murder scene, one of the mining participants complained about her experiences.

The excavation process at Shakahola. Photo/Courtesy

A gravedigger who has been on the drill since it started told a local news station that he was trying to determine how they found the body and how many they saw.

He said that they found more than two bodies buried side by side in some graves, he said he had never seen this in his life. It also revealed that in some graves they found fresh corpses that appeared to have been well preserved before they were buried.

Given the circumstances in which the bodies were found, it is thought that some of the bodies may have been moved from a suitable burial site to Shaka Hora.

It was also noted that some graves were compressed, forcing them to dig deep to reach the buried corpse, but some graves were shallow.

Regarding the bodies removed from the house, it was revealed that they found the bodies of adults and children, which clearly showed that they were buried in the family.

The man said that exercise was so beneficial to him that he could not sleep at night because the image of the exhumed corpse preoccupied his mind. He urged the current government to ensure that they receive social support, including counselling.

According to health professionals, these people should accept some moral support because sometimes it affects them.

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