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Siko soko ,Kamene Goro Weds Her Lover Dj Bones on a secret wedding

Love gives a gig
 The wedding was announced by Jarango, her former co-host and now Langata MP.
Jalang'o blessed the newly married couple.

She was accompanied by Langata MP her Jarango.

The former Morning Kiss host has officially stepped off the market after marrying her Bae DJ Bones. Confirmed by Jarango.

Head to a social event to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Jarango. Written

"Love is a beautiful thing! Happy anniversary to my sisters @kamenegoro and @deejaybonez254!

Kamene came out last year and had to clear the suspicion that he secretly married Bae.

Former Morning Kiss host has revealed he officiated at a friend's wedding

"Good news. Great news. Ms Rakini. I'm not married yet." I just want to clarify, we may get married next year," Kamene said.

She went on to reveal that she was officially engaged.

"There was no secret wedding, it was a friend’s wedding that I was going to be an MC. However, the good news is I got engaged and it's important to be able to share the great staffs that are happening in our lives," Kamene Goro explained.

The wedding reports were fueled by a series of posts she put up while in the company of her lover and business partner DJ Bonez.

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