, pub-7771400403364887, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 "The police are incompetent the state is desperate linking me to the mass killing",pst.Ezekiel says

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"The police are incompetent the state is desperate linking me to the mass killing",pst.Ezekiel says

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Police have ordered a court to detain Pastor Ezequiel Odero for an additional 30 days, saying his release could jeopardize an ongoing investigation into his relationship with beleaguered pastor Paul Mackenzie. claimed.

Ezekiel, a suspected follower of Mackenzie's teachings, was arrested and charged after being accused of being an accomplice in the Shakahora Massacre, where more than 100 bodies of him were recovered.

But when the police worked hard to tie Pastor Ezekiel to death, he accused them of incompetence. Despite his no involvement in the Shakahora massacre, the state is desperate to link him to the Shakahora massacre. He claimed he was never involved in the murder.

"The prosecution's allegations are speculation, innuendo, and different pleas. Hopelessness is very dangerous. The state is distraught over what is happening in Shakahora.

Ezekiel has nothing to do with the hundreds of deaths at Mackenzie or Shakahora. The question we ask is where were the police when hundreds of people were killed and buried in shallow graves? asked Magoro.

Ezekiel, who did not deny buying the TV station from Reverend Mackenzie, links the business deal to the Shakahora massacre because it means anyone who buys a used car will be charged with a crime against the previous owner. said it shouldn't. responsible person.

Regarding the death in his church, the lawyer said that a person could die anywhere, and the death should be blamed on the pastor, as terminally ill patients tend to seek healing anywhere, even in the church. added that it is not.

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