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The reasons why woman cry during and after intimacy

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 It is not unusual for some women to cry during or after intercourse. The reasons for this can be different and can be physical, emotional or mental. Here are some reasons why some women cry during or after intercourse:

Reassurance: Relationships can be stressful and some women may cry to surrender to their feelings. This may include happiness, sadness, or anxiety.

Hormonal changes: During intense arousal, the level of hormones that can cause emotions such as oxytocin increases. Some women may feel so much pain that they cry.

Past trauma: Women who have experienced passion or abuse may cry during or after intercourse to process their feelings. It can also trigger memories or thoughts about past trauma.

Relationship problems: Women who have relationship problems such as lack of emotion or trust may cry during or after sex. It is useful to share their thoughts.

Physical discomfort: For some women, sexual intercourse can cause physical discomfort or pain. Crying can be a reaction to discomfort or pain during or after intercourse.

It is important to seek help if you or someone you know frequently cries or is in pain during or after contact. A doctor or counselor can help you identify the cause of your mood swings and provide support and guidance to manage your behavior.

In conclusion, crying during or after close contact is a complex phenomenon with many causes. It is important to understand that this is a common condition for some women, and it may be helpful to seek help for women experiencing negative emotions or emotional pain.

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