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We share v!g!na but one of us Got a Boyfriend the conjoind twins share a story

Love gives a gig
 Conjoined twins Lupita and Carmen Andrade, 22, recently talked about what it's like to be together and their negative thoughts about their dating lives and beyond.

Twins born in Mexico and raised in Connecticut share the same stomach, reproductive system (v + gin@), heart and blood.

All of them have branches; Carmen checks the truth. They explained that they did not attempt surgery to separate them because one or both could be fatal.

But when it comes to dating, they see things a little differently - Carmen has a boyfriend named Daniel and Lupita is asexual.

Carmen revealed that she met her boyfriend on a dating app in October 2020 and that he is different and didn't ask her about conjoined twins to start dating. Although she and Daniel are dating, Carmen says they don't have sex with each other.

He hasn't thought much about marriage since he was 20 years old. “He said he was more interested in the life of the spouse than in a real marriage.

“Daniel and I love children, but we don't want our own,” he added. “I love being a mother dog. ! Lupita and I can't get pregnant, we have endometriosis, and we use hormone blockers to stop menstruation.

"When Lupita is not with Daniel, Carmen says the two get along "very well."

It shows that they both feel exactly the same way about each other. I heard when I was about to cry," Lupita shared. "It was a stomach ache."

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