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Certificate forgery :EACC raises concern over forgery of institutional certificates

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The EACC expresses its concern about the increasing cases of false education certificates in the country.

If not yet determined, according to the EACC the current situation affects Kenya's strong education system, which is well received globally and regionally, while also affecting the economy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified five types of educational disparities that affect local and national governments.

According to an EACC investigation, a person has changed the high school level of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) certification in order to gain admission to the school.

There are also documents sent to the university but failed for unknown reason followed by proof or certificate to get a job.

There have been incidents, according to the EACC, in which persons who enrolled in university programmes and completed their studies and graduated but later altered their degree/diploma classification.

Among the over 150 cases of academic papers forgery that the anti-graft body is probing, are incidents of persons who never enrolled for any undergraduate studies forging papers to get employed.

Other have been cases of people personating others named on certificates to either apply for admission to learning instituitions, or in other cases, employment.

At least 150 cases are being investigated by the anti-graft body, and there are currently 13 cases before the court.

To combat the problem, the EACC recommends that educational institutions take a proactive approach by establishing strong internal controls that allow for the early detection of fake academic certificates submitted by prospective students seeking admission.

The anti-corruption agency continues to encourage employers to be vigilant and verify job applicants' backgrounds of qualifications.

The EACC investigates and approves cases related to suspected academic misconduct, in addition to recovering salaries and benefits paid to public officials for faulty grades.

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