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Erling Haaland announced his injury against Brighton, played Fighting game all his body bruises

The Norwegian striker was back in the starting 11 after leaving the bench in Chelsea's win, but failed to add in his impressive 52 goals across all competitions. Having scored 36 goals in the

Premier League campaign, Haaland had two excellent chances from Phil Foden, but failed, the England national team opened the score. 

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scored their 53rd goal of the season on their way home from Cole Palmer in the second half.

But the goal was disallowed due to a foul on Levi Colwell after Simon Hooper was asked to enter the VAR screen - enough to upset Guardiola.

Haaland took off his Chelsea loan but was treated harshly at AMEX Stadium.

The former Borussia Dortmund player posted a photo of him dunking in his dressing room with the caption "Like this" and two fire emojis on his Instagram.

However, it is not the sneakers that everyone is talking about. Fans noticed that Haaland had three large blood clots in his right leg, probably due to some interesting matches during the match.

Brighton defender Jan-Paul van Heek specifically tried to give Haaland a physical move and was shown a yellow card in the second half for pulling him down.

Haaland was seeing his scars for the first time in a few weeks. When Guardiola took off his shirt after beating Everton 3-0 at Goodison Park, Haaland, who was covered with bruises and bruises, was furious at Jerimina's behavior.

The enraged Guardiola says it's "something he doesn't have to do" and encourages the media to "invite him into the conversation".


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