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Harmonize says Frida Kajala Cheated on him and that is why they Broke up -And am single again is meant for us to heal

Love gives a gig
 In 2022, the musician made great efforts to win back the actor, after which,  he managed to win her back, everything suddenly came to an end about their relationship late 2022 kajala

Harmonize posted a video on his Instagram Stories telling his  friends about his situation and a short clip for her song "Single Again".

Konde gang CEO said, "I broke up with my girlfriend... this morning. It's crazy, I don't know how to explain it, but were just having fun at home and everything was fine until a message popped up in her phone ."

Anonymously, he shows how happy he was  with the relationship, sometimes calling his mother to talk about his relationship and how happy he all of them were as a family.

As an artist, his mother blessed him and he was free to  marry her, but everything did not go as planned.

Although he had  plans to establish a future with this woman, he lately  informed his friend that she had gone the other way because Kajala cheated on him.

"I saw a message on her phone that a man had sent her and when I asked about it she went crazy like she wanted to hit me. I said no I don't want to hit you because I don't measure my strength with women"

He later added how disappointed and devastated He was.

Harmonize concluded by saying "I can't speak to a that woman and I don't know what to say, but my life is in shambles. She is the only  girl i had in my life and I knew I lost her".

We all know that the song somehow inspired the Tanzanian actress, so two plus two equals four.

About a week ago, the actress attending a charity event in Kenya revealed why she ended her relationship with Harmonize after being together for months with the collaboration.

She saw that she broke up with Never Give Up singer and she let it.

She added that maybe Harmonize is young and needs space to do other things without her which is why he treats her like that

"Ni mazoea mtu akishakuzoea Sana, anakuchukulia poa. simlaumu ni kijana mdogo, maybe alihatija 'space'," said Frida Kajala.

The actress gave a clear answer for the first time about her divorce with Harmonize.

Last month, Harmonize admitted that he had her ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala Masanja's song 'Single Again' written to her.
The company boss of
Konde Music Worldwide revealed that he created the hit song to heal the trauma he suffered after his divorce with the actress. "I'm in love. I'm looking for a good way to get rid of heartache. I made this international song," said

on his Instagram page.

However, about three months after the relationship ended,he revealed that he is currently in good standing.

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