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Husband gouges out eyes and pulls out her wife's teeth

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Isack Robertson, 45, a resident of Sombetini, was arrested by the Arusha Regional Police. For assaulting and severely injuring his 38 yearold wife, Jackline Mkonyi, for pulling out her teeth and gouging out her eyes.

Robertson was arrested in the Himo area and went to the priest's house to hide. They tweeted:

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"The Arusha District Police Force arrested Sombetini resident Isack Robertson, 45, for allegedly beating, pulling out her teeth, and pulling out her wife, Jackline Mkonyi, 38. The man was arrested in the Shimo area. He went to the priest to hide in Mount Kilimanjaro. When he gets home, the State Attorney's Office will take legal action.”


"Arusha District Police arrested Sombetini resident Isack Robertson (45), who was accused of assaulting and seriously injuring his wife, Jackline Mkonyi (38), beat her, pulled her teeth and scratched her eyes. The man was hiding in the priest's house when he was arrested in the Shimo area of ​​Mount Kilimanjaro. The arrest took place on May 27, 2023 and when the investigation is completed, the file will be sent to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor for reconsideration. Thank you for your time.

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