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Its A TBT Face me i face you Matatus used in Kenya -1980s to 2000

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Many cities around the world have their own means of transport, such as taxis in New York, red buses in London, jeepneys in the Philippines, cars and trucks in New Delhi, and matatus in Nairobi.

In Kenya, matatus is public transport that plays an important role in urban transport, and most Nairobi residents rely on them to get to work.

Public transport in Nairobi has not developed since independence. London's first Overland Trading Company (OTC) operates on the roads people use to work or travel long distances to get from place to place.

In response to this challenge, former president Jomo Kenyatta coached Nairobi's first matatus; A truck with wooden seats that says "Face me and I'll meet you". Some car owners even put tents in the trunk of their trucks to protect passengers from bad weather.

Despite these advantages, Face Me Matatus has a bad habit of stopping quickly to wait for passengers, and as a result they are cut off.

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