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Meet A police Boss who slapped mighty ex president Moi two times ,he feared no Man in the 1970s

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Mzee Jomo Kenyatta's government had a feared IG of police called James Erastus Mungai. He was  the chief police IG of Rift Valley police and a member of the Founding Fathers' elite Kikuyu inner circle. Like Mzee's and other villains, he had great power and also was not afraid to show his power to his subjects 

In the 1970s, he gained a reputation as a tough cop who rode through the streets of Nakuru, stopped to slap anyone who disobeyed him, or had a chauffeur who broke the law.

Mungai was allegedly put uniformed police officers guarding his  Nakuru home , milking his cows, feeding his goats and cleaning the horses. According to
Nation, Mungai created a team of police officers who carried  Operation in the  Rift province.The team of 200  responsible officers  could work under his direct supervision.

He once told them to manage the security of the Nakuru State Capitol, which angered the president's security chief, and the people had to say that if  President finds out about   Mungai's officers they were to be killed and the 
was to be interpreted as an attack.

Moi's  Incident

Vice President Mzee Daniel Moi had a close relationship with Mungai. He was the toothless head of the Kenyatta government, an outsider from Mzee jomo's entire Kikuyu inner circle. As a result, many powerful politicians in Mzee's government took the time to criticize Moi.

Moi:  The Making of an African American by Andrew Morton, describes his participation in the OAU conference in Kampala, Uganda, in 1975. On his way back to Kenya, he was stopped by Mungai's men,and inspected as any ordinary man before he proceeded to his Nakuru home .

Mungai  accused him of bringing weapons from Uganda to weaken Kenyatta. Shocked, Moi went to Nyeri to meet with central provincial commissioner  Simeon Nyachae and told him he was fed up with the government and would resign. According to

The Nation, Nyachae told Moi not to leave, arguing instead  he should relax as long as Mzee Kenyatta doesn't know what is mungai trying to plant on him.And this was the error Mungai struck Moi twice in the presence of President Kenyatta at the Nakuru State Capitol."

Moi complains about Mzee Kenyatta Mungai calling naked, but Founding Father's answer is words.

Shortly after Moi came to power, after a long and arduous journey from Nakuru to Lokitaung, Mungai fled to Sudan and later went into exile in Switzerland. Two months later, unable to bear the cold in Switzerland, he wrote to Moi to beg for mercy.

Realizing that Moi is not interested in revenge, he flew to the country. Fortunately, Moy had no desire for revenge and was able to get away unscathed.


Mungai currently lives on a large ranch in Nakuru where he raises cattle and horses.

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