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Only one survived the Thunder strike in the skies and Fell from 10,000 feet into the Peruvian jungle.

Juliane Koepcke, the only survivor of a plane crash in Peru, spent 11 days in the jungle to return to civilization.

A 17-year-old girl travels from Lima, Peru, to the eastern city of Pucallpa to visit her father, who works in the Amazon rainforest.

Shee graduated from high school the day before the trip and plans to study zoology like her parents. When Juliane Koepcke boarded LANSA Flight 508 on Christmas Eve 1971, she had no idea what awaited her.

LANSA flight 508
was supposed to be an hour's flight, but clouds gathered and turbulence increased.

A hurricane abruptly covered the plane with a black cloud as lightning flashed through the window. The plane crashed when lightning struck.
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And then things happened fast. "You can just try to recreate what's going on in your head," Koepcke said. There were screams and physical movements until what  she could hear was the wind in her ears.

Still strapped to her seat, Juliane Koepcke only wake up to realize that she was in free fall before she lost consciousness.

Fell from 10,000 feet into the Peruvian jungle.

Juliane Koepcke survived a 3,000-metre fall
Juliane Koepcke's bones were broken and as a 17 old teen she suffered severe cuts, but she survived. She fought for her life in the Amazon jungle for the next 11 days, she...

Woke up the next day with a concussion and shock. She survived the plane crash and tht made her blind. Then he fell into a coma again. Koepcke still needed ahalf a day to fully awaken.

she tried to find her mother but failed. After being rescued, she learned that her mother had not survived the fall but died from her injuries.

While searching, Koepcke found a small clearing in the forest.

Koepcke in Werner Herzog's 2000 documentary "Wings of Hope"
At first she felt hopeless, but then he remembered some survival tips her father had taught her: If you see water, come down. This is progress. "A stream will flow into a larger stream and then into a larger stream until you get help."

So she sailed along the river. Sometimes she walks, sometimes she had to swim when the ground gets heavy. On the fourth day of the journey, she encountered the bodies of three passengers still tied to the seats.

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Juliane Koepcke poked a woman she thought was her mother, but it wasn't her mother. Among the passengers was a bag of sugar. This will be the only food source for her in  the jungle forest.

Around this time, Koepcke heard and saw rescue planes and helicopters, but attempts to attract their attention were futile.

The crash
of the plane led to the largest search in Peruvian history, but due to the dense forest, the wreckage of the accident failed to identify the plane and a person is difficult to find. After a while she could not hear them and realized that she was on her own to seek help.

Julia Koepcke
finally survived
Koepcke stumbled upon a cottage in the woods on the ninth day and decided to rest. There she, she remembered she was going to die alone in the forest. She then began to hear voices, she. Instead of the sound of thought, the three Peruvians staying at the Hotel returned to their homes. "The first person I saw was like an angel," said Juliane Koepcke.

Men think differently. At first they were afraid of her thinking she was dreaming, and they thought he name was Yemanjábut. However, they allowed her to stay for one more night before going to a local hospital in a nearby town the next day.

Koepcke was reunited with her father after receiving treatment for her wound. She also helped police locate the plane, and over the next few days they located and identified other passengers.

Juliane Koepcke is the only survivor of the 91 people on board.

Her grief and grief was put on hold when she was questioned by the Air Force and police and brought to the attention of the media.

After all that, Juliane Koepcke developed a severe fear of airplanes and had recurring nightmares for years.

Life After an Accident
She later studied biology at the University of Kiel in Germany and earned a PhD. She returned to Peru in 1980 to do animal research. Juliane Koepcke got married and changed her name to Juliane Diller.

returned to the stage in 1998 to shoot Wings of Hope, a documentary that tells her incredible story. She sat at 19F again during the flight with filmmaker Werner Herzog. The event was a pleasure for Koepcke.

Julia Koepcke in 2019
Looked at the situation for the first time from afar and somehow got the closure she didn't have yet. This incident also inspired her to write "When I Fall Out of the Sky," a story about her incredible survival.

Despite getting over the pain she went through, the following question came to mind: Why did she survive? It still bothers her "she always will," she says in the movie.

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