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USA:A body of a nun exhumed after 4 years now but has got no signs of decay

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster's remains are exhumed and well preserved .

Hundreds of pilgrims flock to the town of Gower, where Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster's body has been exhumed and so well preserved - in fact, it's so well preserved, the New York Post announced. .

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster is the founder of the Benedictine Sisters of the Apostle Queen Mary. She died in 2019 at the age of 95 she.

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Last Thursday, four years after her death, according to tradition, the nuns decided to carry his body to the altar of the church. However, the exhumation of her coffin revealed the most remarkable discovery - Lancaster's body appeared intact despite not being mummified.

An unnamed complainant told Newsweek, "Cemetery officials told us we only needed bones in this case because Sister Wilhelmina was buried in a simple wooden coffin without embalming."

After the sisters finished digging, we went to her grave for the rosary. "Cecilia, Abbot Cecilia, looked through the crack in the coffin that had appeared shortly after her burial. She saw a weak foot in the sock and looked just like when we buried her. He couldn't help but scream with joy.
said that after the mold and mildew had been washed away, Sister Wilhelmina "given [the character] to her that day." innocent, the Roman Catholic Church saw a lot of evidence The New York Post reported hundreds of clean cadaver documents.

What is the status of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster? The jury is still out.

Nicholas Passalacqua told Newsweek, "Generally, when we bury a body in a human separation facility, we wait about five years for the body to become skeletonized." Passalacqua is the director of forensic anthropology at Western Carolina University.

"There are no coffins or other boxes or wraps in the remains. That's why I personally don't find it surprising that the body buried in the coffin was so well preserved just four years later. "

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