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Vera explains her reasons for leaving Brown Mauzo

 / Reality TV star Vera Sidika explains her reasons for leaving Brown Mauzo.

Rumors of their breakup first surfaced a few weeks ago when Mauzo and her  unfollowed each other and removed all of her photos from Vera's Instagram account.
has only 11 comments and it's just her  and her daughters.

Coming to her name, she currently only follows her daughter Lareesa and Asia Brown's page although she has more than 397K followers.

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A mother of two posted a cryptic video on her Instagram Story about the various reasons women may choose to end their relationship.

The man in the video points out that constant disrespect can bring even the most loyal women to their breaking point and that no matter how much they love and care about you, they will break up.

"No woman leaves because you made a mistake. You leave because you have a habit," that man began.

He added that a woman is more focused on problem solving than working, and because she has a desire to change you, she will try to do so at first.

“The truth is he would rather work with you than start with someone new. He lives because he wants you to step forward and be the man he deserves. ' the man pointed.

At the end of the video, "But you thought he would never leave you, you were comfortable disrespecting him, look... now he's gone. Even

this cryptic announcement confused many people: they thought Mauzo was going to quit his company, future artist from his social media bio" "She fit in with Vera as she took off her name, her star only showing her real name.

She also eventually unfollowed her husband and deleted some of the pictures they shared.

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