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Video:Is" Sadaka "not money?Cliff ombeta allegedly says that Jealousy from the people is the motive behind Ezekiel's Arrest

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Cliff Ombeta revealed that Reverend Ezekiel is targeted by preachers grieving for his growth and giving to the society.

Mombasa - Reverend Ezekiel Odero's attorney says state is trying to level against him

 Ombeta's stabdings
The reknown attorney Cliff Ombeta says that  accusations against clergy Ezekiel Odero were fabricated by his haters. He said he would prove it to the world. Photo: UGC. Source: UGC
Attorneys Cliff Ombeta, Danstan Omari and Shadrack Wambui joined Jared Magolo on behalf of Pastor Ezekiel on Saturday, April 29th.

Ezekiel has been arrested on charges of edification and connection to his mysterious death at Mavueni Church, as well as his likely association with the controversial Paul Mackenzie.

Mackenzie was the prime suspect in Shakahola's death, which left more than 100 people dead in mysterious circumstances, shocking Kenyans and the rest of the world.

During a visit to Pastor Ezekiel's Mavueni Church on Sunday, April 30, Ombeta and Omari told reporters that their client had nothing to do with Shakahola's murder. I have sworn to prove to They called for state persecution.

"We are here to prove that the allegations against Ezekiel are propaganda. We want to prove the lie that there is a tomb here," said Ombeta. He spoke as he traversed the vast land on which the church stood.

On Tuesday, May 2, Ombeta said that, when Ezekiel appears in court to find out his fate in custody, he will disclose to the court the fact that the prosecution's grounds for seeking extended detention are unfounded.

"To clarify the reason for his imprisonment, I want to prove that these things never happened. People say there is a morgue here, and this land is adjacent to the Shakahora forest." I have his permission to see what happened and I can't change the facts. They made up stories, but we want to show the world what's going on," said a confident Ombetta.
About the 15 deaths he said were linked to the church When asked, Onbeta said it was true that 15 people had died from various circumstances, but forced fasting was not one of the reasons.People died here and were recorded in the OB. I'm here. People came here from far away, some died before seeing the pastor, and were taken by relatives and reported. We have nothing to hide. There are no complaints or claims that they starved to death. They are buried and their families know. You can't lie that people died of fasting," the famous advocate for criminal justice and evil repeated, but he was convinced that for Pastor Ezekiel, the light shined and the darkness no longer existed.

"Yes, it's an advertisement. It can be spread by anyone, and this is envious people. Check out this property. Even the mainstream churches have never had followers like this. Offerings are money, and when someone gets more than you, jealousy is born and out of that," Ombetta said. He said he would fight for him and he would become stronger after that.

“Let everyone see. It is jealousy, hatred and laziness that have made some people target Ezekiel. I want to show that this is the place of God. As tempted, Ezekiel is tested and strengthened to spread the gospel. The country is about 200 kilometers from Shakahora," Omari claimed.
Ezekiel is back in court today, Tuesday, May 2, when the court will decide whether to grant investigators her requested 30 days to extend Ezekiel's detention.

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