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Deep ocean rescue which succeeded

Last week, the world was shocked when the Titanic submarine exploded while searching for the Titanic wreck, killing all five people on board. The depth of this dive is about 13,000 feet, or about 2.5 miles, or 4 miles. Whether you live in a diver or a  submarine, the deep sea is dangerous. There are many incidents and situations related to underwater transport on Wikipedia, most of them fatal. But how deep is the deepest underwater rescue?

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This is 1,575 feet. In 1973, Roger Chapman and Roger Mallinson laid the transatlantic cable on the Fish III submarine off the coast of Ireland. After replacing it, the submersible was pulled by the cable, but at the surface the towline became entangled in the hatch cover, causing it to pop out. Open and flow in. The diver lay down again, when he reached the border, the towline broke and he fell to the bottom of the sea. The two people inside had no light, but miraculously they still had 64 hours of oxygen. Above them are support ships and other divers. But they use the technology of 1973 and were not designed to save people from the ocean. When the men returned to the surface, they had spent 84 hours in the submersible. Learn about the elusive rescue of Pisces III on the planet.

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