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"Mysterious Death of Missing Treasury Employee: New Evidence Raises Questions"

Government pathologist Johansen Oduor has determined that Tom Osinde, a former Treasury employee who was reported missing, died from a fatal head injury. However, recent developments surrounding the case have brought about doubts regarding the initial claims made by authorities.

According to eyewitness accounts, Osinde disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and his abandoned car was later found, allegedly dumped by one of his employees, Julius Mogoi. Mogoi, who has a history of criminal activities and did not complete high school, was also involved in an incident where he chased his own mother with a machete.

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Local residents in Nyamira are well aware of Mogoi's criminal past and have expressed their belief that he is not a trustworthy individual. However, it is important to note that these are community perceptions and not conclusive evidence of his involvement in Osinde's death.

While Tom's brother expressed gratitude to the public for their assistance in finding his brother's body, the rest of the family has remained silent since the news broke.

Initially, authorities claimed that the body had been recovered from the River Kuja on Thursday. However, recent findings have raised doubts about this statement. Assistant Chief Nyakeyo stated that on June 28, the primary suspect led investigators to the river and pointed out the exact location where Osinde's body had been disposed of.

Meanwhile, Julius Mogoi, the main suspect in Osinde's death, has broken his silence from behind bars. He revealed that Osinde had instructed him to deliver money to a woman at the Kericho Petrol Station before heading to his rural Kisii house for vacation.

On June 18, Osinde was last seen leaving his home in Nakuru County, en route to his rural residence in Kisii County.

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