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Zari Hassan Speaks Out Against Betrayal and Leaked Audio, Defends Her Husband


Zari Hassan, a prominent Ugandan-South African businesswoman, has found herself in the midst of criticism after a leaked audio surfaced where she referred to her husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, using derogatory terms. In response, Zari has taken to social media to address the issue and call out a UK promoter, Lady Naa, for betraying her trust and leaking the confidential audio.

Setting the record straight, Zari clarified that her comments about Shakib were made in a sarcastic manner and were not meant to be taken seriously. She expressed her disappointment in women who choose to share private information with the public during disagreements.

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During a video addressing the incident, Zari defended herself, stating, "I was simply looking out for my husband, confiding in someone I believed to be a friend... It is always disheartening when females betray that trust and twist the narrative to make it seem like it was my first misstep. We were having a casual conversation, and it was not meant to harm my husband in any way."

Furthermore, Zari emphasized that regardless of one's intelligence or travel experience, immigration protocols must be respected. She shared an anecdote highlighting the significance of adhering to immigration rules, reminding everyone that even the slightest mistake can lead to serious consequences.

The situation serves as a reminder of the importance of trust and the potential repercussions of sharing confidential information. Zari's public outcry sheds light on the need for integrity and loyalty, urging individuals to think twice before betraying someone's trust.

To gain a deeper understanding of Zari Hassan's response to the leaked audio and her thoughts on the matter, watch the video below.

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