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Cardi B's Mic-Throwing Tantrums Continue as She Takes Aim at Her DJ

LAS VEGAS, NV - Cardi B's recent trip to Las Vegas has once again turned heads as she expressed her frustration by throwing her microphone not once, but twice. The Bronx bombshell first went viral over the weekend when she launched her mic at a fan after a drink was thrown at her during a performance at Drai's Nightclub. But it doesn't stop there, as footage has now emerged showing her losing her cool in a similar fashion during another performance in Sin City.

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During a set at Drai's Nightclub on Friday night, Cardi B, dressed in a yellow dress and sporting a long blonde and pink wig, angrily threw her mic at her DJ. After performing her hit song "I Like It," she suddenly turned around, yelled out her name, and launched the microphone at the DJ booth. Fans have speculated that this outburst was triggered by the DJ continuously cutting the music during her performance.

Cardi B's Saturday outburst occurred after someone in the crowd threw a drink at her while she was performing her smash hit "Bodak Yellow." Reacting in shock, she retaliated by throwing her microphone at the assumed culprit. The offender was later escorted off the premises as security returned the microphone to Cardi B, allowing her to continue her performance.

Over the past year, Cardi B has faced similar microphone-related incidents during her shows. At last year's Wireless Festival in London, she struck a fan with her mic multiple times after they touched her inappropriately. Despite these incidents, Cardi B has also had positive moments, such as surprising fans at Rolling Loud Miami and performing alongside her husband Offset.

While Cardi B's mic-throwing tantrums have gained attention, it is important to acknowledge her musical achievements. Her debut album "Invasion of Privacy" was a massive success, earning her a Grammy for Best Rap Album. In addition, she has collaborated with notable artists and continues to be a force in the music industry.

As Cardi B continues to dominate headlines, fans remain intrigued by her unpredictable outbursts and eagerly await her future performances.

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