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Dogo Aslay Blames Women and Alcohol for Deteriorating Music Career

Bongo flava star Dogo Aslay recently made a shocking confession about the factors that have contributed to the decline of his once-thriving music career. In a candid interview, he revealed that women and alcohol have played a significant role in his downfall. Aslay's journey serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of losing focus and succumbing to the pleasures of life too early.

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Aslay's Early Success:

Dogo Aslay burst onto the East African music scene at the tender age of 12 with his hit song "Nitakusema." This success continued as he released numerous solo hits and formed the successful group Yamoto Band. However, with the group's disintegration, Aslay's career took a nosedive.

The Impact of Women and Alcohol:

According to Aslay, his problems started when he began to earn significant amounts of money at a young age. With newfound wealth, he indulged in parties, alcohol, and women. The constant partying and his inability to resist temptations took a toll on his music, causing him to lose focus.

Acceptance and Redemption:

Recognizing his mistakes, Aslay has embarked on a journey to right his wrongs and reinvent himself as an artist. He acknowledges that his success was a result of his musical talents, not indulgences, and is now committed to getting back on track.

Insights from Talent Manager:

Said Fella, Aslay's former talent manager, also shed light on the singer's decline. Fella, who discovered Aslay as a teenager, stated that while Aslay has genuine talent, his overindulgence in alcohol and women has negatively affected his music career. Fella urged Aslay to redirect his focus towards his art and cautioned against getting caught up in the pleasures of life too early.


Dogo Aslay's story serves as a reminder that success in any field requires discipline and focus. While the allure of fame and fortune can be tempting, it is crucial not to lose sight of the factors that contributed to success in the first place. Aslay's brave admission about the role of women and alcohol in his downfall should serve as a cautionary tale for aspiring artists and individuals pursuing their dreams. With his newfound determination, Aslay has taken the first step towards redemption and rebuilding his music career.

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